The members of our association are members of your community.

We're the officers that patrol your streets, and the people that process your police check. But we're also your neighbours and friends. We coach your kid's soccer team. We go to your church. Our kids go to the same schools. We're part of the communities you call home.

The Waterloo Regional Police Association is a strong and respected voice for our uniformed and civilian members, acting as the bargaining agent when contracts are up for negotiation and providing other resources to support their social, physical, emotional and professional development. We push for job security. We ensure that pension, insurance and wellness programs are in place to meet our members’ needs. We ensure disciplinary processes are fair, and provide legal support if necessary. And we operate a centre so our members can connect with their families and each other. (Psst. The public can rent these facilities, too.)

We uphold the honour of the police profession by attending provincial and national events. We also elevate the standards of the police services that are provided to the public by lobbying every level of government to ensure legislation protects both the community and our membership.

Every fall, the membership elects individuals from among their peers to represent their interests. The full board has 10 elected positions, with at least two members elected from civilian employees of the Waterloo Regional Police Service. All members, including the board, are governed by the association’s constitution.

We are many voices, speaking as one, to make our careers, and our communities, better.


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1128 Rife Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 5S3

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