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The Fall Wedding - A popular trend

Over the years of working in and being absorbed with the wedding industry I have seen many trends filter through the scene.  Some I secretly wish could have stayed around longer.  Throughout my career, I have seen colour infused into traditional style, I have seen satin dresses with sleeves and bows larger than life and I have witnessed the other end of the spectrum where sleeveless, simple dresses rose up to rule the runway.  What have I learnt over the years?  Trends always come and they always go. 


My favourite out of all the current strong trends is the fall wedding.  It used to be that summer held the most desired months and that you would have to book at least a year ahead to get your desired venue.  We are now seeing brides being swept off their feet with the idea of tying the knot in the fall season. 


With a fall wedding you can be guaranteed to enjoy the smell of the autumn air.  Maybe you want to add a pot of apple cider with cinnamon sticks to swirl in with the smells of the leaves changing colour, and the trees getting ready to sleep. The end of summer sun added with the crisp fall breeze on an autumn day will keep your guests feeling content.  This popular season also allows for outdoor ceremonies and receptions where all the different colours and their abundance of shades make every scene picturesque. Your wedding pictures will always be in style.  The best thing about holding your wedding during this season though is that it is budget friendly.  Bright leaves, candles, cattails and beautiful branches aid in allowing you to keep funds available to upgrade in other areas.



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